Delta Chat Bots

These pages describe Delta Chat bots, show real life examples and give helpful information for developing your own bots.

What Is It?

Bots are Delta Chat’s bridges into the rest of the world.

They extend Delta Chat with functionality by using Delta Chat messages as input and output. Typically they connect to other chat protocols, fetch data from the web, or play a game with you. But really there is no limit other than what a computer can do.

A Delta Chat bot only needs a running computer and a network connection. That might be a server in a data center, your laptop, or a raspberry pi at home. Most bots don’t even need a publicly reachable IP-address or port.

The bot doesn’t even have to be connected all the time. It obviously can’t read or send messages while offline, but it will resume doing so every time its connectivity is back.

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Delta Chat Bot developments were partially funded through the NGI0 NLNET PET Fund, with financial support from the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet programme.

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